Craft Beer Enthusiast and supporter
Let us introduce you to the finest and most sought after craft beers available in our range, we will have

  • Tasting notes for every months Craft Beers.
  • Beers spanning the globe.
  • We will provide a gifting service with personalised messages with your Beer.
  • Highest Rated and Hardest to find beers.

Explore beers from around the world with us. Every month we strive to maintain a rigorously high standard in Beers. We will always try and sourse the best Beers available to us and let you enjoy them also.

Gifting to the Corporate Market with Uncorked

We have been sourcing and supplying the best Craft Beer, Spirits, Wines and Hampers for over twenty years to the Irish Market.

  • Meeting every budget and size of hamper and gift.
  • Bespoke Craft Beer gifts catered for.
  • Perceived Value and recognition in every Gift you give to an employee or client
  • Talk to us on Volume Discounting

    Ideas for Beer Clubs from the Craft Beer Novice to Master will ease your mind with:
  • Memorable selection of beers
  • Every occasion catered for from weddings birthday, anniversary or simply to say thank you and an Uncorked Craft Beer membership will say it all.
  • The hardest sought beers found within Uncorked
  • Giving what the every beer lover truely enjoys - premium, award winning and highly rated beers

Expanding your Craft beer adventure
Typically revolutionary Craft Beers has been coming from countries such as the U.S. and Belgium.  We will introduce you to the sensational beers coming other countries such as scandinavia, Iceland, Netherlands and more.

Vertical Tasting opportunities

We select from Breweries such as Brookly Brewery in New York where Garrett Oliver continually strives what brewers only dream of achieving,  Garreth has been the leader in many areas of beers and brewing from collaborative brews to beers based on cocktails.  Many of hs annual award winning super premium beers are designed for ageing and enjoying in the future or maybe tasting one vintage against another.

Boundary breaking beers

Brewers often produce beers in extremely samll batches that were not widely available and when available impossible to find let alone taste and enjoy.  These beers are typically extreme to their style with higher abv’s, more malts, more hops, more bitter.  These celebratory beers are for sharing and sipping like a fine wine or premium spirits

Exclusive, limited and commemorative Beers
These are typically released in 750ml bottles with the distinctive wire and foil covering cork. We are often the first to show case these exquisite Beers so you will be the first to try them.